The LWCircus shared process among Arno river banks ArnoLab017, gave life to a series of ephemeral installations and performances realized by recycling of natural elements collected on site coming from the natural Resource, thanks to the skills and attitudes of the participants to the Activity. A group of selected young refugees, coming form Niger, Senegal, Mali and temporary hosted in the Florentine context by the Consorzio delle Misericordie della Toscana, invited to join the international creative group, worked profusely highly animated to design and realize the series of installations, sharing wishing and hopes with the rest of international participants and the locals, becoming temporary part of the local community and starting a process of social inclusion that gave life to successive opportunity for further inclusion on the local realities.

Trying to test the boundaries of the Discipline, looking to find as much as possible an interaction with the other correlated topics as art, design, architecture, as well as anthropology, sociology together with science, biology, geology, among the others, but also taking in consideration the politics, international cooperation and environmental and human resources management studies, that could help in shaping a new declination inside our traditional practice, the AnoLab017 open air creative workshop, wanted to stimulate and activate a new perspective that approach the traditional practitioner toward a figure of a “landscape’s facilitator”, transforming the landscape architect in a sort of translator, acting as mediator between all referents interested in the landscape, be they local people, temporary communities, local Administrations, Civil Protection, Forest Rengers or even the Military Forces that had supported the experience.