LWCircus Official Photographer & Guest Artist

Gregorio FAROLFI| Physics | Photographer | Artist
He is graduated in Physics and for the past several years He has been involved in worldwide oceanographic surveys. Actually, his interest is satellite monitoring for Earth sciences. His passion for photography and the desire to play with light came during his adolescence, with an old reflex camera. Today his preferred techniques include photography, processing, painting and experimenting with self-made darkrooms. In the summer of 2009, He met a great photographer who lead him to show his work publicly. Research is an important part of his life, the artistic research He develops is an investigation into the origin of ideas – a colorful chaotic shapeless plasma where things take a shape and solidify or transmute into a continuous beginning. His aim is to challenge the perception of the observer, to lead him to question how to interpret the intersection of the images in phenomenological terms and his vision and reflection of himself in the world. Image is always the same and always different, at the limit between conscious thought and experience, in a mixture of unfocused present into a continuous beginning. He participated to several expositions around Europe and beyond. His work is recognized  inside of cultural institutions worldwide, http://www.farolfiphoto.com. He participated  as  photographer inside the LandWorks – Sardinia Program ( 2011-2013). He is LWC Official Photographer since the Program’s foundation in the 2016.