LWCircus Logistic Coordinator – It – Rome

Marina Cimato| Architect. She founded SESTE Engineering srl (Systems and Services for the Territory). The studio’s aim to supply quality design and optimum skills and integrate resources.– It main interests are in open-air, landscape, infrastructure and environment design. Specialized in Monuments Restoration, in Bio-Environmental Architecture and Environmental Sustainable Technology, She has acquired a comprehensive experience in restoration design and urban planning. From 1988 to 1997 She was an active member of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She has worked in several contemporary art installations in Rome – Sant’Alessio Historical Garden with Fondazione Roma arte e Musei. She has participated to several national and international design competitions concerning squares and parks design. Main protects are: Restoration and refurbishing Preliminary, final, building design and building supervision – Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy – Ecole Francaise de Rome; Preliminary, final and building design for the rehabilitation of the area included between Via C. Ascalesi, Via C.Giacobini, Via G. Aleandro e Via G. Casanate; Exhibition design for the exhibition of arch. L. Moretti – Museo Maxxi, Rome, Italy; Preliminary, final and building design for the rehabilitation area – Messina _ Tore faro. She is Logistic Coordinator and Referent in Rome for the LWCircus, the Italian – Mexican Operative Shared Program born in the 2016 and focused on experimental modalities in searching new strategies for sustainable urban and rural development on sensitive natural areas and the revitalization of cultural landscapes inside Mediterranean and the developing Countries.