LWCircus International Referent for USA + AFRICA

G. Adjoa AKOFIO-SOWAH| Reporter and Landscape Designer

Adjoa is a communications and marketing specialist and emerging landscape designer, currently based in Washington, DC. Born and raised in the Midwest of the United States, Adjoa credits her Minnesotan upbringing for cultivating her deep environmental consciousness and her affinity for cultural inclusivity and empowerment of communities from her Ghanaian heritage. She holds over 5 years of experience in developing communication & marketing strategies and providing support for nonprofits in the Midwest and in the Washington, DC-Metropolitan area. Combining a love of urban living and environmentalism spurred her on to create IYE Project, an idea that sprouted in Tampa, Florida back in December of 2011. It took provenance as an environmentally-conscious community engagement blog that centered on creating real-time opportunities to share ideas and the practice of youth outreach through community events. It now serves as digital space to share her insights on the human connection to the natural world through examining the capacity of landscape design to provide solutions for urban problems. The turning point in Adjoa’s educational and professional ambitions stem from a 2015-2016 sojourn in Ghana, West Africa. She was given the opportunity to produce a series of articles with MIT CoLab Radio Blog and over the course of three months, used a design lens to investigate a unique relationship between people and land. With a people-centered approach, Adjoa is now using her evolution to landscape designer in order to bolster conservation efforts, advance social justice and equity at the neighborhood level, develop new strategies around public health, and promote peace & understanding. Currently enrolled in the Landscape Design graduate program at George Washington University in DC, Adjoa finds renewable purpose in supporting organizations and companies that play a significant role in helping build a better, safer and more understanding world. She is LWC International Referent for Usa and Africa since 2017.