LWCircus Official Photographer

Chiara BALDI | Cartographer | Architect & Photographer 

Chiara is cartographer since 2001 and architect from 2012. She graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence with a thesis in landscape urbanism to enhance the future energetic scenery in the in the Asinara Park, through a revisitation of the anthropic semiology and of the natural elements towards the composition of a new possible cultural landscape.
Since 2013 her passion for the art of photography arises through a meeting with a dear friend who is a photographer who teaches at the Francesco Mochi Photographic Club in Montevarchi (AR), where Chiara follows the course in 2014. From then on every time an occasion comes up as Robert Doisneau said, Chiara tries to “ fish the right image waiting for it with patience”.
Since 2017 she collaborates as official photographer for the Organization LWCircus.org, following the first edition of the Operative Workshop LWC-Arnolab017 (Florence, 21st – 30th September) and the International campaign for the diffusion of the LWCircus Program, precisely in China and USA. Her photos are part of the selection collected in the booklet/ dossier LW- RedBook017, printed in a Limited _Edition in November 2017.