LWCircus | Mission

Following the guide lines delineated through the pluriannual experience of coordination inside of successful international operative programs, in engaging internationally renowned practitioners, from different disciplines (landscape architecture, dance and music, anthropology, art and architecture and other performing disciplines) that in collaboration with hundreds of international students cohort with local actors coming from local community, have been creating during the last 6 years, some shared, operative, spontaneous works through a pluralist disciplinary and multi-cultural approach, transforming the interested Mediterranean landscapes as an “open air ateliers” and looking for a systematization of alternative methodologies based on social practices and the improvement of tools and devices, able to give life to long term process in term of sustainable development and responsible valorization, during the year 2016 has been founded the LW-Circus.org, a new operative/shared program, between Mediterranean and Mexico, created in collaboration with some Mexican Universities and other International Cultural Institutions.

The main purpose of the Program wants to be the creation of a multicultural and interdisciplinary flow, promoting the exchange of professors and high level education students from over the world that come to the different places chosen each year inside critical areas, to develop process of exchanges of knowledge, information, attitudes, skills and real-world know-how, through artistic expression and multiple forms of media that could help inside of the matter of integration, cultural and economic development for local inhabitants and minorities. To reach the goal, since the beginning and during the different editions, it will be encouraged the involvement of different local actors and entities that will implement and will enrich the multicultural and multidisciplinary group, as local cultural associations, non profit organizations, civil protection services, administrative services’s referents (National Natural Parks and Cultural Parks), cultural institutions, social cooperatives and political refugee centers.

The creative, temporary, multicultural and multi-disciplinary community, will be composed by international well known practitioners, as architects, landscape architects, biologists, anthropologists, artists and students participant. The goal will be reached through the realization of temporary and permanent installations as revisitation of a local sense of the place, looking for a way to attract new interests from external forces, in the name of a new possible economy within a cultural context dominated by tourism and new possible chance of a rural and economic sustainable development, as well as cultural rebirth of the areas interested from the Program. The enlarged and strengthened temporary community will work through the exchange of information, personal attitudes, skills, competencies and personal experiences, learning from each other through a renewed interest in the project’s making, animated by the unique idea in the name of the building of a better future for all, be they locals or international participants, united by the strong willingness to share with the others in the name of the common feeling of hope.