LWCircus Official Photographer & Web Designer

Davood MADADPOOR|Freelance Web Designer| Photographer
Davood Madadpoor’s passion for photography started in 2002. He recalls clearly the moment he saw a collection of war photos that immediately caught his attention. Photography became fascinating to him.
He studied for one year at the “Iranian Photographers’ House”, a non-profit photography school. Then came a period of practical training, during which he worked and studied with experts. After this experience, he studied at the “University of Applied Sciences and Technology”. In 2013, he moved to Italy to continue his studies at the “Florence Fine Arts Academy”.
Working on different projects and in collaboration with Vista Newspaper, new horizons opened for him. Street Photography has become his main field of interest, as he captures beauty in the mundane of everyday life.  He is LWC Official Photographer from 2017.