From the next 23rd of May till 3rd of June is going to be held the LWC-ArnoLab018,  the Creative Shared Workshop among Arno River in the astonishing Florentine Renaissance context, recently  inserted as special event in the calendar of European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – More info@

The LWCircus-ArnoLab018 Shared Operative Workshop – LANDSCAPE DESIGN METHODS BASED on SOCIAL PRACTICE, deals with the realization of Ephemeral Installations, as light urban furniture, staging points, temporary shelters, realized on site by the revisitation and assembling of recycled natural material transported by the changing River’s moods.

A temporary international, multi cultural and multidisciplinary creative community coming from Paris, Oakland, Mexico City, Manoa and Shanghai, will test in the field shared practices by using multimedia languages, artistic approaches and performative-spontaneous attitudes in the specific urban context, with the direct involvement of local actors and public institutions responsible for the Arno river’s management and safeguard, looking for a RESILIENT and INCLUSIVE urban future, in terms of responsible cultural responsibility and sustainable development for the local community and the diverse minorities directly involved in each step of the operative shared process.

The Activity will be set on the banks of the Arno River in the Renaissance Florentine context and its main topic will be around the shared practice strategies in collaboration with the locals, looking to conserve the Riverbanks and its cultural landscape value. The students will start by researching and testing alternative methods working together with the locals community, Arno River Agency’s technicians, National Forestry Agency referents, creative experts, local artists and minorities, as political refugees and migrants living temporarily in the Florentine context.

The experiential workshop, based on research in the field, looks for operative sharing methods in collaboration with local communities and their relationship and coexistence with environmentally sensitive areas; investigates shared practices; looks for devices able to give long-term life through sustainable development; works for a RESILIENT and INCLUSIVE urban future for the local community. It will represent an excellent opportunity for students that are looking to learn through a different way and methodology (learning through shared making) through designing sustainable cultural and sensitive landscapes, collaborating with different kinds of practitioners (as artists, architects, landscape architects, anthropologists, ethnographers or film directors) and people from the local community from multiple backgrounds and learning styles to gain mutually beneficial goals, achieving enrichment that benefits all participants involved in the experience.

From this 2018, the LWCircus includes inside the ArnoLab018-Program the Arnolab’sREVIEW|Movies&OpenTalks, the series of International Landscape Architecture Seminars and Open Lectures (ILARKS), organized in collaboration with the RIVA Project‘s Scientific Direction at the  Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, to enlarge and promote the debate around the use of performative shared practices and multi media languages in designing our contemporary urban landscapes, to help the building of even more RESILIENT AND INCLUSIVE urban future.

The RIVAProject+ArnoLab’sREVIEW|Movies&OpenTalks with the ILARKS – International Landscape Architecture Seminars and Open Lectures starts with a PREVIEW on 2nd of May, from 5.00 to 7.00 pm @ Le Murate PAC – Progetti Arte Contemporanea, with  Jenny SABIN in Overview, presenting “LUMEN Project – Summer Program 2017@MOMA PS1”   It opens officially on 23rd of May, from 5.00 till 7.30 : RIVAprj+ALab’sREVIEW|M&OTalks-OfficialOpening, under the scientific coordination of  Annacaterina PIRAS & Chiara de’ ROSSI for LWCircus – IT  and Valentina GENSINI as RIVA Project’s Scientific Director.

To have more info regarding the Event, look at the LWC-ArnoLab018|Dossier or write an email to

The LWC-ArnoLab018 and the ArnoLab’sREVIEW|Movies&OpenTalks are supported by Estate Fiorentina 2018 and part of EUROPEAN YEAR OF CULTURAL HERITAGE 2018 #europeforculture 


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