LWCircus | Goals

Wanting to implement research-based design methodologies and push the disciplinary boundaries of the field, the experience will consist of fully immersive work, through operative workshops, where international architects and landscape architects together with biologists, anthropologists, video makers or directors, photographers, sound designers, performers, students and young practitioners, will work with local minorities on the topic of the sustainable rural development inside natural sensitive areas. The first “LWCircus” operative workshop’s edition, fixed for the next Autumn 2017, it will be inside the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, where at the moment the local Mayan minorities are pressing on the natural system’s carrying capacity, through a beginning of an uncontrolled rural development, causing possible future high risk of pollution that could affect seriously the natural area system.

The goal of the experience will be, thanks to an immersive exchange between ancestral local knowledges and international cultural backgrounds, that one to arrive to embrace together with the local Mayan population a responsible development cycle through the rediscover of the sense of the place. There will be promote a process finalized to a re-appropriation of local traditional way of producing and of reuse, as plausible option of a proper sustainable recycling system, as well as, the realization of little eco-artifacts, designed and assembled on site, through a shared design process, according to a shared “plan guide” that will drive the successive workshops and relative realizations in the future.

The aim will be pursued focusing on the investigation around the shared practices, through the involvement of multicultural and multi-disciplinary contributions, looking for devices able to give life to long term process in term of sustainable development for the local communities interested, permitting at the same time the achievement of results in terms of enrichment that will benefit all actors involved in the experience.

The LWCircus is an itinerant Program and want to involve many different kind of Institutions and Countries, as well as some of the world’s leading practitioners, performers and experts in the topics relevant to the “design process based on social practice”, coming from over the world together with hundreds of students expected to attend the “work on field” operative workshops scheduled inside the Program itself, together with people from the local communities and minorities from multiple backgrounds and learning styles to achieve mutually beneficial goals.