“What we think we know as a caper is a bud which is not yet opened. As the shoots grow they form their buds and within fourteen days the bud flourishes. The caper plant grows spontaneously all over the Mediterranean territory. It is a spontaneous fruit that grows on the limestone cliffs, in the crags, on a old wall. It is a heliophilic plant with very limited water requirements. They are plants adapted to live in environments characterized by long period of decease, arid and desert climate e on saline high salt deposits. The xerophytic adaptations slow down the perspiration and the loss of water that permit the survival in critical conditions for very long period. We would like to invite everyone to came to the banks of the river Arno and re-appropriate themselves with natural resources, coming back to pick up capers as was done in the recent past when Florentine people used to ask for this the granting of Regional Property Office (Demanio Regionale)”.