NOAH’S ARK – THE RED RAFT | The installation, made on site by the close collaboration of the National Forestry Agency workers with the participants, consists in a composition made by a raft and a balcony positioned on the middle of Arno river in the direction of the Piazza della Signoria’s Arnolfo Tower, one of the emblematic landmarks of the City. The artifact, literally composed on site by the participants directed by Pedro Camarena and Chiara de’ Rossi, united with the expertise of the National Forestry carpenters, by the assembling of the wood coming from Vallombrosa Forest ( 40 km from Florence), it is composed by 3 elements: The balcony, the raft and the “papirus nobilis” appositely reproduced and coming from the nursery of National Forestry Agency (Reparto Biodiversità di Vallombrosa, San Piero a Sieve). The 2 artifacts, the balcony and the raft, with a weight of 250 kg, has been assembled and painted on site, to be respectfully, positioned and laid on the water, thanks to the efforts of more then 20 participants, between international students , locals and the minorities that attended the Program.

The Red Raft, means a piece of freedom, but also this point of view that allows everybody to take a look for the past and future. The future of urban resilient cities or the imminent destructions of that cities that keep going in the same way from many years to come. It remains the Noah´s Ark, and a new renaissance of urban and humankind, the flooding tourists, people arriving from everywhere, the immigrants and refugees, tolerance and hope of a collective space rather than the private ones. The red raft must be a sign that create confusion and questions of all the people that goes along but not inside the river. It moves with flows of water and keep going within this slowly move”.