The Arno river Project is about rethinking the future, what we are going to do with our cities and how we can shape a new form of urban development more resilient, empower, collective and for everyone. In the Magnificent Florence, just fifty years ago there was a flooding that risked to represent the end of the Renaissance heritage, with a lot of people organized so quick to save human most precious values. This arrow installation, with the CURVED RED LINE STICKS is to reminds us that natural meandering shape that has the river on the past and how sometimes it flows free in-land without create human risk. This curved line create this point of view stage, as an opportunity for reconsider our future, invites us to be more reflexive, to think and consider when will return again the strongest forces of this nature. The ARROWS are simple pieces, shaped and trimmed on site and are aligned to show us the eventual elevation of water. The arrow recreates this idea of a rise up level of water and forces our minds to rethink the City. The red curved line, made by Wood thin sticks, reminds us the natural flow the river had once and how water can will return the stream to the original shape.