THE BORDER IS STATE OF MIND – Solidarity Strategies
By the performance, built during the 10 days of workshop and performed live by Lorenzo Brusci in collaboration with Tozim de Zimbawerbird, Valter Neri and the ArnoLab Participants, the group had put on stage a new format to train on global community building on the Arno river with some African refugees, international students and professors, local citizens, and various local Institutions. The value of the workshop can be recognized in being a living guide for active policies, that once constantly driven and implemented, could change forever the way we define and pre-judge migrants and diversity, and their deeper strategic meaning. By the rediscovery of the Natural Resource’s meaning, as ephemeral landscape for excellence, metaphor of the contemporary realities suffering to a proper whirl, constantly in changing, the PROCESS put on field, wants to elect the deputed place to a privileged point of view, from where analyze and better understand how to valorize the memory of the place, as common value and real glue between the local Community and the different minorities.

“We should all overcome. Borders explicitly express the human natural attitude to subdivide chances and potentials. Dividing is for humans structural and essential, biologically and clanistically wiring strategies to pragmatics and oppression. Ethics is the alternative.The Right to a descent life. The Right to personal development. The Right to actively contribute to an inclusive world. Justice is not an option, is an evolutionary necessity.
Our Sound Spatial performance explores the River as the constant flow of solidarity practices and rituals, human cultures. Persons from Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Lebanon, Armenia, Italy, Syria, Mexico. Meet and Share memories and wishes, believing the act of Sharing and Creating. Is the Model that drives our dance into a Wider Ecology”.