LWCircus – Background|LWS – EDITIONS
Following the guide lines delineated through and along the LandWorks-Sardinia        Program’s pluriannual coordination experience, in engaging internationally renowned practitioners, from different disciplines (landscape architecture, dance and music, anthropology, art and architecture and other performing disciplines) that in collaboration with hundreds of international students cohort with locals actors coming from local community, created during the last 6 years, some shared, operative, spontaneous works through a pluralist disciplinary and multi-cultural approach, transforming the interested local Mediterranean landscapes as an “open air ateliers” and, looking for a systematization of alternative methodologies based on social practices and the improvement of devices acquired, able to give life to long term process in term of sustainable development and responsible valorization, during the year 2016 has been founded the LWCircus, the new operative/shared program, between Mediterranean and Mexico, created in collaboration with some Mexican Universities and other International Cultural Institutions.