LWCircus has been founded by Annacaterina Piras, Pedro Camarena and Alberto Collet during 2016. Annacaterina, architect, cartographer and PhD in landscape Architecture, has been already co-founder and scientific coordinator for the last and unique six editions (2011-2016) of LandWorks-Sardinia international operative Program, based in Sardinia island, created in the 2011 and focused on Mediterranean Landscape, as operative method in researching new modality to analyze and underline, revitalize and manage the cultural contemporary mediterranean landscapes. Pedro, well known landscape architect and Mexican emerging talent inside the latino-america panorama, award winning practitioner and professor, has been twice Team Leader during the last two editions of the LandWorks-Sardinia international operative Program.

LWCircus.org is a non profit transnational organization based between Florence, Rome and Mexico City that embraced a worldwide network of practitioners, researchers and artists, that act as collaborators, scientific and international referents for the LWCircus-Program. The Program is focused on experimental methodologies based on social practice on the field, to valorize sensitive areas and redesign contemporary rural and urban landscape under transition (for natural, social and economic aspects), looking for alternative tools and devices able to activate sustainable development and responsabile valorization through workshops on field.