Manfredi LEONE | Architect and landscape architect| Prof. of Landscape Architecture

Manfredi LEONE, has a Ph.D. and is Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo.

 He is Director of LandLab PA, research group and community that developes landscape design based in Sicily.
Landscaper and architectural designer, he is Vice-president at the Sicily Section of the Italian Landscape Architects Association, AIAPP. He is Founder and Board member of I-ASLA, Italian Academic Society of Landscape Architecture.
He is one of the authors of the Parco Uditore in Palermo, has to his credit numerous interventions on landscape and the built envinronment and participations in urban planning designs. 

He is author of several publications and has been Visiting Professor in the USA, Australia, Spain, Argentina.

 At the University of Palermo he is director of the Laboratory of Landscape Architecture and he teaches also Architectural Design.
Board Member of the Erasmus Plus European Research Network for Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes.
 Along many years he has been developing research topics on various landscape themes, with a focus on the theme of coastal landscape, landscape of defenses, hydraulic landscape and public space. Most of his works are focused on low cost and low impact technologies. He won national prizes for landscape architecture and architectural design projects. He has been Team Leader during the first ChinaLab018 at TURENSCAPE Academy in Xixinan, Anhui Province, China, also Team Leader during the third edition of ArnoLab(019) in Florence and Team Leader during the first edition of AsinaraLab(019)