Daixin DAI | Urban Planner and Prof. of Landscape Architecture

He is associate professor of landscape architecture department of Tongji University. He got his PhD in urban planning and design at Tongji University, and was visiting scholar of Texas A&M and Cornell University, USA. He is now the deputy director of academic office of college of architecture and urban planning (CAUP) as well as assistant chair of landscape architecture department.
He is interested in both landscape architecture and architecture, especially advocate combining practice with theory research. His research interest is creative and sustainable landscape design methodology which focuses on ecological and cultural context of the site. At present, his research work mainly focuses on landscape heritage & cultural landscape, landscape regeneration and eco-planning & design. It comes from teaching and research projects that he have participated in. Besides, he is also an 1st class registered architect and registered urban planner in China, engages himself in practices helping to construct better human settlement environments.
He act as the deputy secretary general of cultural landscape committee of China Society of Landscape Architecture (CSLA), and is also member of American Society of Ecology (ASE) and ICOMOS. He is invited Speaker and Guest Critique at ChinaLab019