Emanuela Domenica PAGLIA | Architect | Master in Landscape Atchitecture.

She received her Master’s Design in Landscape Architecture (2016) from the Florence School of Architecture of the University of Florence where she obtained her degree in Architecture and where, since 2017, she has participated in the UNIFI research “Criteria for the Design and Management of the Urban Green”. Since 2016 she has been a Cultrice della Materia in the Landscape Architecture course and, from 2019, in the Restoration of Garden and Historic Parks course at the University of Florence. Here, she lectures on urban and extra-urban open space. She published scientific articles and popular texts in Restoration and Landscape architecture. The book Maestri di Paesaggistica 2 is being published (Dec. 2019). She is one of the architects for the Entrusting of Services related to Architecture, Engineering and Green for the Uffizi Galleries (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities). She is member of the Sustainable Architecture Debate Commission (DAS) of the Order of Architects of the Province of Florence with which she organizes the debate “Fratello Fiume. L’Arno e la sua città” (Apr. 2019). She is a member of the Communication Commission (COM-COM) of the same Order with which it organizes regularly workshop on “The fantastic city”. Since 2007 she has been curating and producing contemporary art exhibitions, including “Mio Arno” (2016) in collaboration with Q2 of the Municipality of Florence for fiftieth anniversary of the Florence flood. She is serving as Tutor at the second edition of ChinaLab (019)