Dermot (BAgrSc BA Land Arch MLA MILI) is Director of Dermot Foley Landscape Architects, operating in Dublin and London. He is a horticulturalist and landscape architect, having trained at Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens before studying landscape architecture. He was awarded Europe 40-Under-40 in 2010 and has multiple awards for landscape design, research and conservation. Dermot is an Assistant Professor at University College Dublin (UCD) and has lectured internationally. He initiated an EU FP7 research project on Resilient Cities in 2011, titled TURAS. He edited the practice book Artifice, which is the first comprehensive publication on a contemporary Irish landscape architecture practice. His research includes Urban Resilience, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Historic Studies and Venturous Practice. In 2016 he was an ‘Adapt-r’ Scholar with RMIT Melbourne, where he is a PhD candidate.