The AsinaraLab019 will take place thanks to the collaboration of the LWC Coordinators, the International Referents and Academic Tutors with the Locals, looking for alternative strategies based on social practices to conserve the natural heritage of Asinara island and its cultural landscape value. The participants will test on site the alternative methods, working strictly with the referents of the Local Community, as the Asinara National Park’s referents and FO.RE.S.T.A.S., Forestry Regional Agency’s technicians, local artists, creative experts and some minorities, as a group of political refugees and migrants, living temporarily in the Italian context.

Partners & Patronages for the 2019 Edition: LWCircus – ONLUS | Florence + Rome + CDMX – MARS + Dynamic City Foundation | Shanghai – REPSA – UNAM – Universidad Autonoma de Mexico | CDMX – Portsmouth University | Portsmouth – LandLabPA + DARCH/UNIPA | Palermo – LANDUUM | Merida – LAF | Beijing – SMALL ZINE | Italy – Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, MATTM – CONSERVATORIA DELLE COSTE, RAS – PARCO NAZIONALE dell’ASINARA – FO.RE.S.T.A.S. – AIAPP_TUM Toscana Umbria Marche – Consorzio Opere di Misericordia – Robert F. Kennedy International House of Human Rights Italia.