“Red Pavilion” The Red Pavilion, made by bamboo and traditional techniques, welcomes locals and tourists to discover a new point of view reflecting in the mirror of the pond under the Emerald Pavilion. It reveals the sense of the place by creating a dialogue between the existing monuments and the layers of history, trying to find a point of mediation between the past and the present, it reflects a resilient and inclusive future for Xixinan.

“红绕亭” 运用竹子和传统工艺建 造而成􋻟意在为村民和游客提供一 个崭新的视角􋺯在绿绕亭下的池塘 倒影中􋻟现存的遗迹将与历史对 话􋺯它将在过去与现在之间寻求一 个调和点􋻟借此展现西溪南未来的 无限可能性.