“Dream Hives” is a play on the Chinese characters for dreams 梦想 and beehive 蜂箱. Beekeeping supports a large part of Xixinan’s economy, and many villagers are “traveling beekeepers” who often spend 10 months out of a year on the road. To honor the hard work of Xixinan’s beekeepers, the team created a dance of lights evoking the dreams of hibernating bees. The bamboo structures depicting beehives are placed in the awe-inspiring Fengyang Forest, which stretches along the fertile Fengle River.

Every winter the bees of Xixinan fall dormant to have their much needed rest. Buzzing stops and hibernation begins. But what are these busy bees dreaming about? In a dance of lights “Dream Hives” reveal the inner world of the sleepy bee community.

每年冬天􋻟西溪 南的蜜蜂将冬眠 休息􋺯嗡嗡声停 止􋻟冬眠开始􋺯 但是􋻟这些平日 里忙碌的蜜蜂在 睡梦中又将看什 么呢􋻲 光影舞蹈“梦 箱”将为您揭示 沉睡的蜜蜂们的 内心世界.