Anton James | Landscape Architect – Prof. RMIT (Melbourne)

Anton James is one of three directors of the Sydney based landscape architectural practice, James Mather Delaney Design and Professor of landscape Architecture at RMIT. JMD Design seeks a creative synthesis between numerous concerns across the disciplines of landscape architecture, engineering, visual arts, horticulture and ecology. The resultant works demonstrate a dynamic and sophisticated response firmly grounded in a close attention to the existing site character and materiality specificity of each site.

Anton, who trained as a landscape architect and visual artist, has over a period of 20 years designed projects in Australia, Europe and the USA. His work continues to focus on design as a means to explore a site’s spatial, environmental and material tension for their potential to enrich the urban experience. He has recently received his Doctor of Philosophy from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Design, and been appointed Professor of landscape Architecture at RMIT.

Anton has won numerous awards, nationally and internationally for his competition entries and built projects.