LWC International Referent for Eastern Europe

Natia KAPANADZE | Landscape Architect

Natia Kapanadze is landscape architect and deputy director of GALA – Georgian Association of Landscape Architects since 2013. Her work engages environmental psychology, landscape design and garden. At the same time she is working at National Botanical Garden of Georgia on the position of Landscape Designer. Since 2015 she is running regional NGO for rural development CADS – Civic Activities Development Society. Her organization has been grantee of several projects (funded by USAID, IFES) and carried out various activities in collaboration with local and international colleagues, as well as with the inhabitants of the working locations. Natia has been awarded a diploma for enhancing international cooperation and friendship, by III Moscow International Festival ‘Gardens and People’ (VDNH, Moscow, Russia, 2016). She has been the participant of Ruderal Academy 008, led by Fulbright Scholar – Sarah Cowles and later on exhibited installation ‘We come in Peace’ at Tbilisi 1st Triennial. (Chiatura&Tbilisi, Georgia. 2012-2013). After graduating from the Academy of Arts, she has volunteered in several projects for disabled children, created adapted landscape design for them and started her independent research about creation of sensory garden. She is part of LWCircus as International Referent for Eastern Europe since the Program’s foundation in 2016.