LWCircus International Referent for CHINA

Jinbao Zhong | Architectural Designer Activist

Jinbao is an architectural designer currently working and living in Guangzhou, China. He is a senior student of Architecture at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China, 2017. From 2014, he begin to study and research the urban village in Guangzhou, tutored by Chi Ti-nan (Taiwanese Architect and Urban design activist), as a result Jinbao has more research sample and participatory design which has invented to specific urban village. With the localized experiences in the urban village and visiting experiences in the First-tier city of China, he acknowledged a specific design method for this kind of situation in China. He clarify that design should be follow the people’s need, the context of the site, and more important, to know what the architects’ reponsibilities are. In the past few years, he has worked in some architecture agencies as architectural designer and gallery as curator. He is continuously helping more community to improve their lives in Guangzhou as a design activist. He is LWC International Referent for China  since 2017.