Lorenzo BRUSCI| Sound Space Designer
Lorenzo Brusci (born 1966) is an Italian sound-experience and sound space designer, based currently between Krakow (Poland) and Berlin (Germany). He studied Philosophy and Philosophy of Music at the Florence and Siena Universities. An overview of his compositional work can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/lorenzo-brusci http://www.timet.org, http://www.lorenzobrusci.com. He started exploring dynamic sound space design and adaptive music within landscape and architecture since late 90’s, with the experimental music team Timet before (www.timet.org), then with the Giardino Sonoro project in Florence (www.giardinosonoro.com) and the SED – Sound and Experience Design studio in Berlin and Krakow (late 2008). In 2009 He founded with Lorenzo Coppini Architettura Sonora (www.architetturasonora.com), as a division of B&C Speakers. In 2013 he finally founded with composer and music engineer Simone Conforti MUSST, Multisensing Space Studio, (www.musstdesign.com): sensorial space design and algorithmic music at its more advanced and challenging stage. They recently founded http://www.musi-co.com and http://www.musicfit.ch
Brusci has been a guest speaker and visiting professor at various schools, workshops and institutions including among others Siena University, Florence University, Politecnico University in Milano, Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, The Art Academy in Krakow, the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, the Architecture Triennale in Krakow, the Music Biennale in Venice (IT), ZHdK: University – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Royal College of Arts in London, the Attakkalari Biennal master classes in Bangalore, the Lebanese University and The Jesuit University in Beirut.