Australian Institute of Architects
Australian Pavilion
16th International Architecture Exhibition
of La Biennale di Venezia
Biennale Architettura 2018

Janet Holmes à Court AC

Creative Directors:
Baracco+Wright Architects in
collaboration with Linda Tegg

Theme: Repair

Repair aims to expand the point of view from the object of architecture, to the way it operates in its context, advocating a role for architecture that catalyses or actively engages with the environmental, social and cultural repair of the places it is a part of. Repair is a critical strategy of architectural culture. It is particularly relevant to Australian architects who work in one of the most diverse and ecologically sensitive landscapes in the world. Our cities are interspersed and bordered by remnant vegetation, connected to large natural systems as well as built over the traditional cultural landscapes of our First Nations peoples. They are also the scenes of developing ecosystems at which humans are the centre of. The aim to present architecture from a different point of view is behind the decision to collaborate with artist Linda Tegg, whose practice often presents us with a different way of looking. Together, Baracco+Wright Architects and Linda Tegg have collaborated to create and install a grassland in the pavilion, Grasslands Repair, the life-sustaining light installation Skylight, and the work Ground through which architecture is presented through video rather than in singular images.

Mauro Baracco is a practising architect and a director of Baracco+Wright Architects. He has a PhD in Architecture from and is also an Associate Professor at RMIT University in the School of Architecture and Urban Design, Melbourne, Australia where he was the Deputy Dean of Landscape Architecture (2013-15). Louise Wright is a practicing architect and a director of Baracco+Wright Architects. She has a PhD in Architecture from and also is a sessional lecturer in design at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
Baracco+Wright Architects, founded in 2004, combine the academic and practice world and are shifting more and more towards landscape based approaches that effect and catalyse environmental repair through decisions of siting, ground plane, hydrology and other ecological conditions. They have been published and awarded nationally and internationally. Their work has been described as quietly radical.

Linda Tegg is an artist – she works with photography, performance, video, and installation to investigate the contingent viewing conditions through which we orient ourselves in the world. Her work has been extensively exhibited in Australia, Mexico, The United States, and Europe. Tegg was the Samstag Scholar of 2014 and The Georges Mora Foundation Fellow of 2012. Linda is currently a Lecturer in Creative Practice at Deakin University, and the inaugural Artist In Residence at the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne.