Tahara Tadayuki| Artist

Born in Tokyo in 1981, Tahara graduated from the Department of Architecture in the Fuculty of Art and Design, at the Musashino Art University in 2007.
He attempts to extend the character of the place by reading multiple contexts related to the place and manipulating their binding points.
Recent major activities include Kamikoani Project 2019 (Akita, Japan), Choukoku-no-Mori Art-Live 2018 (The Hakone Open-Air Museum / Hakone, Japan), The Intersection of Nature MATSUDO ART PICNIC 2017 (21 century of forest and park / Matsudo, Japan), Toshima Museum (Old Toshima Town Office / Tokyo, Japan / 2016), Keelung Taiping International Workshop (Keelung, Taiwan / 2016-18)