LWCircus Official Photographer

Andrea FAGGIONI| Lawyer | Photographer|LWC-OffPhr
Andrea Faggioni graduated in law and specialized in a Master of copyright’s regulation. His passion for photography brought him during last 10 years to investigate around different kind of contemporary cultural landscapes between Mediterranean and the Developing Countries. He carries out a personal visual search, aiming at giving voice to the places, intended as expressive synthesis between human emotions, natural environment and cultural landscapes.
“As any form of art highly mediated by technological devices, photography can use many different formal codes and “emotional tones” – from the extreme dynamism to the most complete immobility; from the most dazzling and bright colors to the deepest darkness; and manifest many different meanings, both personal and social – from the political denunciation  to the most abstract and individual aesthetical research. My interest is in exploring these specificities, especially in that mental and physical “border” created by the interaction between urban and rural environments.” He participated  as  photographer inside the firsts six edition of LandWorks – Sardinia Program ( 2011-2016). His photos are part of the selection collected in the booklet/ dossier LWC017-RedBook, printed in a limited edition in November 2017 and present inside the publication CCC-Città Come Cultura edited by Fondazione MAXXI, Rome, May 2019. He is LWC Official Photographer since the Program’s foundation in the 2016.